The Board Game Design Virtual Summit 2020

The event has ended but you can still enjoy all the amazing interviews!

Day 1: Game Design Best Practices

Why Playtesting is So Crucial

How to Design an IP Game

Making Party Games
That Get Published

Peter C. Hayward

(Owner and Founder of
Jellybean Games)

Daryl Andrews

(Designer of Sagrada and
Sinister Six)

Eric Slauson

(Designer of Tattoo Stories and Nerd Words)

Day 2: How to Build a Following

Building an Amazing Community

Growing Your Following From Zero to Over 2,000

How to Market Your Board Game and Get Results

Gabe Barrett

(Host of the Board Game Design Lab Podcast)

Brandon Rollins

(The Game Dev)

Nalin Chuapetcharasopon

(Kickstarter marketing specialist, over $13 Million raised)

Day 3: Finding Success on Kickstarter... and Beyond

Using Conventions to Help You Find Success on Kickstarter

Transitioning From Designing to Publishing

How to Run a Successful Publishing Business

Victoria Cana

(Designer of Gladius)

Jay Cormier

(Owner of Off the Page Games, Designer of Akrotiri and Junk Art)

Jamey Stegmaier

(Designer, Publisher, and Kickstarter Expert)

Day 4: Pitching to Publishers Effectively & Writing a Great Rulebook

How to Develop a Great Relationship
With a Publisher

Understanding What Publishers
Really Want

How to Create a Rule Book that Players Will Actually Understand

Elizabeth Hargrave

(Designer of the mega hit Wingspan)

Curt Covert

(Owner and Founder of
Smirk & Dagger Games)

Jeff Fraser

(Professional Rule Book Designer)

Day 5: How to Find and Work With Others in the Industry

Partnering with Influencers

Working With Artists and
Graphic Designers

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Manufacturing
But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Brittany & Mark Maia

(Reviewers - Board Game Coffee)

Tristam Rossin

(Illustrator of Kingswood
Cosmic Colonies and
dozens of other games)

Sarah Graybill &

Kerry Rundle

(Project Managers at
Panda Games Manufacturing)

Day 6: Thinking Outside the
Board Game Box

Combining Teaching and
Board Games

What Customers Are Looking For: A Retailer's Perspective

Understanding Game Contracts

Kathleen Mercury

(Teacher and game designer)

AJ Brandon

(Storefront Manager at
Board Game Bliss)

Sen-Foong Lim

(Designer of Akrotiri, Junk Art, and Mind MGMT)


Day 7: Panelist Q & A

  • Guest Summit panelists
  • Learnings from the Summit
  • Ask questions and have them answered!


Hosted by Joe Slack

#1 best-selling author, game design instructor, and game designer (Relics of Rajavihara, Zoo Year's Eve)

6 days of enlightening interviews with some of the top experts in the board game industry, plus a Q&A with the host and selected guests on day 7.

We'll dive deep on topics, talk about specific tools and techniques that the pros use, and answer the questions you've been dying to ask.

Each day will feature in-depth interviews with experts in their respective areas. New interviews will go live each morning. You don't need to attend live at a specific time. No issues with time zones or weird schedules.

Listen from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, without having to travel and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tickets, travel, events, and hotels.

The event is over, but if you'd like to own all the great Summit content for life, there's an option you'll see at the bottom of this page that will give you lifetime access.

Bonus: Expert Game Design Secrets Revealed*

*Included with Platinum and Ultimate Passes Only

Elizabeth Hargrave

Matching theme to mechanics


Curt Covert

An insider's view of how the industry is changing and how to adapt


Sen-Foong Lim

Everything you need to do before you pitch your game to a publisher


Daryl Andrews

Secrets for pitching to publishers from a designer with over 30 published games


Peter Hayward

Designing a game as a product and designing with a specific publisher in mind


Eric Slauson

Getting the most out of a convention as a game designer


Sarah Graybill & Kerry Rundle

How to add stretch goals to your game and increase its perceived value


Sen-Foong Lim

Being better than the sum of your parts: How to work with a co-designer


Brittany & Mark Maia

How to create your own awesome board game pitch and how-to-play videos at home without breaking the bank


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